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In Australia and many locations around the world, grid-connected inverters are required to have anti-islanding protection. This means grid-connected inverters must shut down when there is a loss of electricity supply from the grid. This feature is designed to protect utility staff that could be working on power lines. Electricity being back fed into the grid from various grid-connected solar systems can be very dangerous for power line workers.

While anti-islanding provides improved safety for power line workers it means solar systems are unable to supply electricity to the home when there is a loss of supply from the grid or where there is no grid at all.

The S series Enphase microinverters which are currently used in Australia were developed specifically to meet Australia Standards and electricity utility requirements and therefore have anti-islanding capability.

The IQ series of microinverters is an integrated solar, storage and energy management platform that enables self-consumption and delivers on Enphase Energy’s core value proposition of yielding more energy, simplifying design and installation and improving system availability uptime and reliability.